Game and Sports

Sl No Games /Sports Categories Level Achievements Remarks
1 Kho Kho U-19 Boys (12) Regional participation
2 Kabaddi U-19 Boys(9) Regional (pool 2nd) 2 National Selection,  1 Stand By)
3 Volleyball U-14 Boys (10) Regional - 1st (Gold Medal) Team selected for national
4 Volleyball U-19 Boys(8) Regional - 2nd (Silver Medal) 3 National Selection , 1 Stand By
5 Volleyball U-19 Girls (08) Regional -2nd (Silver Medal) 4 National Selection , 3 Stand By
6 Taekwondo U-17 Girls(04) Regional-Gold medal(2), Silver medal(2)
7 Taekwondo U-14 Boys(04) , U-17 Boys(04), U-19 Boys (01) Regional- Gold medal(4), Silver medal(5),Bronze medal(1)
8 Judo U-17 Girls (02), U-19 Girls (01) Regional- Gold medal(2), Silver medal(2) 2 National Selection
9 Chess U-14 Boys (01) U-17 Boys (01) Regional Participantion
10 Badmiton U-14 Boys (02) U-17 Boys (01) Regional- Silver medal 1 National Selection
Total Participants = 68 22 National Selection,        5 Stand By



Details of Games and Sports Activities in 2017-18

Sl No Games /Sports Categories Level Achievements Remarks
1 Kabaddi U-14 Boys (09) Cluster- 1st Regional - 4th participation
2 Kho Kho U-14 Boys (10)) Cluster- 1st Regional - 4th participation
3 Kabaddi U-19 Boys(09) Regional (pool 2nd) 1  National Selection,  1 Stand By)
4 Volleyball U-14 Boys (08) Regional - 2nd (Silver Medal)
5 Volleyball U-19 Boys(08) Regional - 2nd (Silver Medal) 3 National Selection , 1 Stand By
6 Volleyball U-19 Girls (02) Regional Trial 1 Stand By
7 Taekwondo U-14 Girls (02),U-17 Girls(02) Regional Participants
8 Taekwondo U-14 Boys(05) , U-17 Boys(03), U-19 Boys (01) Regional Participants
9 Judo U-14 Girls (03), U-19 Girls (01) Regional 3 Gold, 1 Bronze 3 National Selection
10 Chess U-14 Boys (02) Regional Participants
11 Yoga U-14 Boys (01) Regional Participants
Total Participants = 66


This year we prepared our Children in regular classes and we selected our team on selection basis. We prepared the following teams and individuals for Trials at cluster , Regional level sports meet.


U-14 - Kho-Kho and Kabaddi Boys

U-19 - Kho-Kho and Kabaddi Boys

For Trial

U-19 - Kho-Kho Girls

U-19 - Volleyball Girls

U-19 - Kabaddi Girls

U-14 - Judo


U-19- Athletics

U-14 - Athletics

02 girls are selected for Judo U-14 and U-17 for national meets.

One boy U-19 in Kabaddi selected for National Meet

01 boy U-19 Volley ball in Ist Stand-by.

01 girl U-19 Kabaddi in 1st Stand-by

U-14 Kabaddi Team Boy Enter into Semi-Finals.




Our School is going to organise Sports Exhibition to Celebrate National Sports Day (29th August) on 28th August 2015.

Zonal/National /Regional/National  Sports Meet: 2014 - 15

03 students of our Vidyalaya participated in KVS National Sports meet 2014.

EVENT Achievments Level No. of Students Venue
Cricket 01 Bronze Medal Regional 10 KV1, BBSR
Atheletics 01 silver Medal Regional 14 KV1, Bokaro


Race Satish munda VIII-A 2nd

Silver Medal