Scouts ,Guides , Cub and Bulbul


In this session  07 scouts and guides had participated in Pre Rashtrapati Purskar,12 scouts and guides had participated in Tritiya Sopan testing camp,11 scouts and guides had participated in Rajya Puraskar testing camp , 2 Bulbul and 2 cubs participated in swarnpankh and Tritiya charan testing camp respectively and qualified.





Name of Sopan



  • Guide Law and promise , Motto, Sign, Salute and Left Hand shake, Guide Uniform, Know about National Flag, Bharat Scout & Guide Flag, World Guide Flag and Flag Etiquette
  • Sing correctly National Anthem, BS & G Prayas, Flag Song, Origin of Guiding, History of Guiding


  • Revision of Law, Promise, Motto, Sign Salute, Prayas, Flag Song, National Anthem.
  • Know their duties at Home & Health rule about personal cleanliness.
  • B.P six Exercises and Yogasanas.
  • Learn about Patrol, Patrol flag, patrol corner, patrol in council.
  • Learn foot drill. Learn whipping & knots & lashing.
  • Know Road safety rules.


  • Know more Knots other than  pratham sopan and hitches and also more lashing.
  • Different types of fire used in amping and leaser how to lay it.
  • Compass and its 16 cardinal paints
  • First Aid:- Nose Bleeding, Burns, & Scalds sprins etc. & bandages.


  • Revisions of knots they learned before & Fireman’s chair knot, Bowline, Man harness knot, Bowline & Draw Hitch.
  • Use of knots and lashing / improvised of shelter.
  • Learn flag break ceremony
  • Estimation
  • First Aid / Mapping, Proficiency Badges.


  • Camp Craft /Knotting / Lashing/ Mapping First Aid (practice)
  • Proficiency Badges (5 numbers as per Syllabus )


  • Proficiency badges to be prepared and other activities to be conducted and long Book preparation .
  • Other than Ambulance badge training to be arranged.







sco1 sco2
sco3 sco4

Mast. Sudhanshu Ojha  - X

Passes RajyaPuruskar Testing Camp held at KV Dhenkanal

7 Scout & 4 Guids haave passed Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp held at KV, No.-2 Bhubaneswar

Pravin Kumar Singh-IX Pratikha Sahu-VIII
Rakesh K. Bharti-X Swatalini Pani-VIII
Agastya Sidhant-VIII Santosini Swain-VIII
Soumya Ranjan Pradhan-VIII Preeti Singh-VIII
Devidatta Sahu-VIII
Subham Kumar-VIII
Abhinash Mishra-VIII

School Participated Cub & Bulbul Mohatasv was held at KV, Angul .

List of the Scouts and Guides

Sl.No Name of Adult Leader (Scout/Guide)/Cub/Bulbul) Designation Name of Course completed (Basic/Advance/HWB/ALT/LT
1 D. Barik PRT Basic
2 A.K. Mallik PRT Advance
3 R.Prashad TGT Eng Advance
4 Mr. K.L. Panigahi PRT Basic
5 Mr. M. C. Pabna PRT Advance
6 Mr. R.R. Panda TGT Art Advance
7 Mrs. K. Behera PRT Basic

List of the Cubs, Bulbuls, Scouts and Guides

S.No Name of the Unit No. of students in
Cubs Bulbuls Scouts Guides
1 Subhash Ch. Bose 24 - 32 -
2 Mother Teresha - 24 - 24