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Name of Sopan



  • Guide Law and promise , Motto, Sign, Salute and Left Hand shake, Guide Uniform, Know about National Flag, Bharat Scout & Guide Flag, World Guide Flag and Flag Etiquette
  • Sing correctly National Anthem, BS & G Prayas, Flag Song, Origin of Guiding, History of Guiding


  • Revision of Law, Promise, Motto, Sign Salute, Prayas, Flag Song, National Anthem.
  • Know their duties at Home & Health rule about personal cleanliness.
  • B.P six Exercises and Yogasanas.
  • Learn about Patrol, Patrol flag, patrol corner, patrol in council.
  • Learn foot drill. Learn whipping & knots & lashing.
  • Know Road safety rules.


  • Know more Knots other than  pratham sopan and hitches and also more lashing.
  • Different types of fire used in amping and leaser how to lay it.
  • Compass and its 16 cardinal paints
  • First Aid:- Nose Bleeding, Burns, & Scalds sprins etc. & bandages.


  • Revisions of knots they learned before & Fireman’s chair knot, Bowline, Man harness knot, Bowline & Draw Hitch.
  • Use of knots and lashing / improvised of shelter.
  • Learn flag break ceremony
  • Estimation
  • First Aid / Mapping, Proficiency Badges.


  • Camp Craft /Knotting / Lashing/ Mapping First Aid (practice)
  • Proficiency Badges (5 numbers as per Syllabus )


  • Proficiency badges to be prepared and other activities to be conducted and long Book preparation .
  • Other than Ambulance badge training to be arranged.







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Mast. Sudhanshu Ojha  - X

Passes RajyaPuruskar Testing Camp held at KV Dhenkanal

7 Scout & 4 Guids haave passed Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp held at KV, No.-2 Bhubaneswar

Pravin Kumar Singh-IX Pratikha Sahu-VIII
Rakesh K. Bharti-X Swatalini Pani-VIII
Agastya Sidhant-VIII Santosini Swain-VIII
Soumya Ranjan Pradhan-VIII Preeti Singh-VIII
Devidatta Sahu-VIII
Subham Kumar-VIII
Abhinash Mishra-VIII

School Participated Cub & Bulbul Mohatasv was held at KV, Angul .

List of the Scouts and Guides

Sl.No Name of Adult Leader (Scout/Guide)/Cub/Bulbul) Designation Name of Course completed (Basic/Advance/HWB/ALT/LT
1 D. Barik PRT Basic
2 A.K. Mallik PRT Advance
3 R.Prashad TGT Eng Advance
4 Mr. K.L. Panigahi PRT Basic
5 Mr. M. C. Pabna PRT Advance
6 Mr. R.R. Panda TGT Art Advance
7 Mrs. K. Behera PRT Basic

List of the Cubs, Bulbuls, Scouts and Guides

S.No Name of the Unit No. of students in
Cubs Bulbuls Scouts Guides
1 Subhash Ch. Bose 24 - 32 -
2 Mother Teresha - 24 - 24